Open to work, but not ready to move

Open to new work opportunities
You are ready to explore new horizons!

You’ve identified yourself as ‘Open to work’ and take the time to set up personalised job notifications.

This is exciting!

Congratulations, you’re officially open to new opportunities – what next?

Your personalised job picks frequently land in your inbox. Some even come with a “high experience match” tick next to them. Your heart smiles momentarily and then you hit delete.


Why did you delete that email?

Simply because your wheels are not in motion, you are well and truly parked! You are receptive to possibilities, but not open to these being a reality. This could be because you’re:

  • working on your career plan,
  • waiting for the perfect job opportunity, or
  • in the process of writing a very impactful resume and cover letter.

In a nutshell, you’ve made a start and you’re working on putting those wheels into motion, but you’re not ready just yet, right?

Why ‘not ready’ is the best time to engage a recruiter.

We’re going to let you in on a little trick because we think you’re as ready as you’ll ever be! There’s just nothing to pull you forward. Furthermore, you’ve possibly reached a point where ‘planning’ and ‘readying’ is no longer useful preparation.

Your career plan

Collaborating with an experienced Recruiter when you have an “Open to work” mindset enables that all effective pull. The workload of generating your own push is removed from your plate so to speak.

Our team here at Constructability Recruitment take the time to understand you – your skills and your passions. With this knowledge, we bring scope to your career plan with relevant roles, projects and potential employers. Our Resourcing and Recruitment teams work together to enhance your overall marketability with clear goals for your career progression in mind.

The perfect opportunity

If it’s the perfect opportunity that you’re waiting for, then we have one piece of advice…it’s difficult to reach perfection without getting started! In fact, perfection may pass you by if you continue to sit in park!

There is an enabling power in having an “Open to work” mindset. In the dynamic realm of job hunting, skilled recruiters offer the transformative potential of roles that you may not have been aware of or even considered.

At Constructability Recruitment, we collaborate with industry bodies and professional partners, keeping us connected and informed about budgeted, upcoming and recently awarded construction projects. We work in partnership with contractors through the project award process. This gives us a high-level understanding of the timing around project-specific recruitment drives. Our aim is to have you positioned on the path to perfection early in the piece, giving you the confidence to chase your dream!

Writing an impactful resume and cover letter

If writing an impactful resume and cover letter is your current dilemma, then let us assure you that you’re not alone! Right this minute, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of job seekers in this parking lot!

Don’t sweat it though, we’ve got your back. From resume refinement to interview preparation, the team at Constructability Recruitment will offer valuable insights and assistance that go beyond the transactional nature of job applications. In fact here are some insights we prepared earlier!

Resume tips for construction professionals


The road to success often starts off with a deep breath and an uncertain first step. If you’re ready to exit the parking lot, we’re ready for you!

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